Nordjysk FødevareErhverv was established in 2013 by “Vækstforum Nordjylland” underThe North Denmark Region to promote the food industry in North Jutland.

In 2015, Nordjysk FødevareErhverv developed into an organization with a strong business-represented executive committee  and a good representation of knowledge- and industry institutions. All businesses in the grocery chain – in the fields of primary production, manufacturing, distribution, and support trade as well as knowledge institution and public authorities.

It is a prerequisite, however, that the business either works within the food industry or has a considerable interest in the development of a strong and dynamic food industry in North Jutland.

Nordjysk FødevareErhverv works to realise the growth of potential companys in the food industry in North Jutland. In Nordjysk FødevareErhverv we work bottom-up which means that the activities and projects that are launched are defined and managed by the needs and demands of the companys. We meet the companys at eye level. In this way, Nordjysk FødevareErhverv generally supports companys in the food industry through development and guidance courses, networking, workshops, and themed events.

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